Polity is all about engaging with community: your community.

When you make media, you want it to reflect your truth, your community's truth.  You want the viewer to feel that truth.

When you open up the creation process, lots of truth gets in.

With years of experience facilitating group projects and leading media productions that included wide variations in experience, confidence and technical skill, Polity can harmonize the people we bring together into a production team that has the tools and the knowledge to make the video you need.

Five years working on the nation-wide Art for Social Change Research Project have given Flick a wealth of knowledge about community engagement and how creative collaboration can serve your mission.  Just ASK HIM ABOUT IT!

team building

Polity can facilitate fun, creative workshops that bring your people together.  You'll generate photos and videos that can serve as reminders of the moments you spent together, or as data points for further exploration of themes and topics that come out in the process.  We can work together for as little as an hour, producing simple photo stories, or up to a whole week producing longer films!


A video produced by youth for youth:

Polity founder Flick Harrison co-facilitated this production made at the North Shore’s Foundry youth wellness program and the Cinematheque, leading a team of young new filmmakers - the exact audience that the Foundry leadership wanted to target with the video.

This meant the production spoke from youth, to youth - from the ground up.