Producing video can be like ordering a pizza.  You tell us what you want, and we make it for you.  That's the traditional method, and Polity can do that, with a progressive ethos and inclusive mindset.

But the heart of Polity is collaboration - with you and your people.  With a standard filmmaking process as a starting point, we can get your community's input, support and guidance through writing workshops, feedback sessions, improvisation and performances, ensuring that the work you do reflects the truth of your community.

We aren't experts on every barrier to participation and inclusion - but you know your people best, and by working together we can make both the product AND the process something that we can all be proud to share.

Polity founder Flick Harrison produced this video with Glorious Organics Co-op, working closely with the members to create a broad portrait of the people who live and work there.