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what polity does

Making media gets more accessible every day. Polity (rhymes with Quality) wants to make sure everyone has equal power to get their message made.  Whether you need one video, full-time production capacity, or just a little training, Polity can help you.

Polity supports mission-driven organizations to produce content in their own way, with their own team and their growing community, with leading-edge understanding of the media space and a core commitment to inclusion and participation.

We can facilitate your community into the visioning and making process, or we can do it all for you.

With experience making video, engaging with community, and advancing media literacy for decades, Polity can provide production, training, gear advice, creative facilitation, media literacy skills, and ongoing support.

Let’s make media together!

In addition to making video with you, Polity can support you with:

Creative Facilitation

Does your team and community get excited about supporting your mission?  Polity can workshop themes, goals and messages within your organization, your membership or your community.
This can be the start of a creation process, it could be a way to connect your community, it could be a team-building exercise - or you could just end up with some memorable pictures, sound clips, or ideas.

Capacity-Building + Training

Do you have campaigners who want to start producing video content?  Do you have gear that sits unused?  Do you need help deciding which camera or edit system to buy?
Polity can help you with all these questions!

Collaboration + Production

Do you want to make media without the top-down structure of traditional, corporate models?  Would you like to harness the creativity and energy of the people you represent?

If you need to make video, sound, pictures, or any type of media, Polity can produce the best - with a process as inclusive and truthful as we can imagine.

flick at work copy.jpg

FLICK Harrison

media maker, educator, & team facilitator


Starting on the CBC series Road Movies, Flick has made video in China, Pakistan, Mexico, the US, and around Canada.  He spent five years consulting and making interactive & documentary video for the Art and Social Change (ASC!) Research Project with Judith Marcuse, and has produced, taught and led projects for many clients including Groundswell Social Ventures, Ballet BC, the Pacific Cinematheque, Arts Umbrella, Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group and many others. Flick decided to combine all these streams into one media capacity-building project:  Polity.  Rhymes with Quality!